Terms of Use

Registration in the FindQ8 is free, Please read the terms so that your account is not suspended:
1 -
Commitment to the teachings of Islamic lawAnd do not go into subjects of religious doctrines and beliefs and others.
2 - Commitment to good morals and not to use obscene words insult or insult and other obscene things.
3 - not to upload any images of shameful or insulting literature or scandalous symptoms.
4. It is prohibited to delve into the political subjects related to the Governments of any State or any State or a people or a symbol of its symbols, whatever the reasons.

5 - The rights of publication and distribution must be taken into account in proportion to the subjects transferred to their source or original owner.
6 - not to file any complaint against any supervisor or member in public, and to file a complaint should contact the management of the site through our contact.
7 - The site management has full authority to delete, modify, transfer or close any subject or suspend the membership of any subscriber without mentioning the reasons.
8 - Do not use an inappropriate name for your membership when registering or registering in opaque letters or the use of administrative qualities such as supervisor supervisor important member or distinguished member and others.
9 - If you find a bad participation or problem has been reported quickly through contact with us.
10. These laws and conditions must be complied with, and every person who is violating and monitoring his / her own system shall be monitored by the ISP and his / her legal questions.

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