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  • FINDQ8.COM (Called Kuwait Directory sice 2007) is a website designed for marketing, Real Estate advertising, commercial, and also as a guide for all walks of Kuwaiti society.
  • Kuwait directory has a flexible Database engine with real time update so you have the control over your data, you can add your company detail or update your company data or add property etc.
  • In addition, Kuwait Directory offers the search engine service giving the ability to search any company or product in a quick and easy way.
  • Kuwait Directory shows Real Estate, and company services and offices which are registered with us. We offer opportunity to new clients wishing to add their Property or service onto the site.
  • To join our web site, all you have to do, be our member. Kuwait Directory MemberShip is FREE. Becoming a member, will facilitate you to add your Real Estate, Business or update your company portfolio, Add your products. And all of this under your control.
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